Visual identity

The task of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is to investigate injustices committed against the Sámi and Kvens/Norwegian Finns. There is a strong tradition of handicraft among these peoples. Our logo is inspired by the braided pattern used in Sámi and Kven handicraft. This pattern appears repeatedly in woollen shawls, band-weaving patterns, Southern Sámi ornamentation, lines on Kven costume, birch-bark handicraft and in knitting patterns, such as those for Porsanger mittens. The Commission’s visual identity is inspired by handicraft traditions from across the region.

Design elements:

The braided pattern symbolises a community woven together, while the lines in the pattern represent the peoples to be reconciled. These are interwoven, bringing together peoples of differing identities and backgrounds.


The Commission’s logo is taken from the reverse of the braided pattern. The shadows from the pattern and the openings in the pattern symbolise the stories of injustice that will come to light. Individuals’ accounts and the historical survey provide the foundation for the Commission’s work.

The colours:

The main colour is taken from nature, which has been important to the Sámi and Kvens/Norwegian Finns. Plant-based dyes are the inspiration source, and the Commission’s colour is taken from the cinnamon bracket fungus, which produces a purple colour when used to dye fabrics, such as wool. Purple is the colour of penance, and this colour conveys the message of what is to come. The grey and white colours are inspired by historical photos taken during the Norwegianisation period.

    Postal address

  • Sannhets- og forsoningskommisjonen
  • Handelshøgskolen
  • Postboks 6050 Langnes
  • 9037 Tromsø